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Transpacific Celebrity: Xiao Hong, Agnes Smedley, and Eileen Chang - Shared screen with speaker view
Elizabeth LaCouture
We will be opening the floor to questions. You may raise your hand to ask in person, or type in the box and I will read it out.
Jason Coe
Okay, come back to me.
Jason Coe
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Gina Marchetti
Thank you so much, Clara and Nicole, for this wonderful seminar. I wonder if you can expand the circles a little more now. I originally thought about Hong Kong's position connecting so many different political threads during the Sino-Japanese war. However, Nicole broadens the map, so I'm wondering if you could comment on more on the American women in Yan'an. Could you say more about this Northern choice (Ding Ling as a contrast)?
Gina Marchetti
Also, could you say more about the "parasite" and the "baby" in these case studies?
S Ford
The Smedley/Foster Snow/Hahn connection is interesting to me and something I have written a bit about. I agree with your introductory take about looking at women independently of men but in the case of these three American women, much of the animus was linked to their relationships to men (Charles Boxer, Mao, Edgar Snow, etc.) and the intersection of gender/class/ideology. Happy to chat more offline. Great talk and I look forward to reading the book. Good to see you, Clara.
Charles Laughlin
Loved your talk and Prof. Huang’s comments! I don’t really have a specific question, but the Agnes Smedley (? Was it?) quote about Chinese womanhood being forged on the anvil of war, I was thinking of a remarkable caricature of Xia Bingying by the Mexican illustrator Miguel Covarrubias (who made a lot of covers of Atlantic magazine in the late 20s and early 30s) and who visited China for some time in the mid 30s I think—I don’t know how influential his many caricaturss were, but it seemed to me to be a contribution to transpacific framing of Chinese women. The fact that he created a depiction of Xie Bingying might have been due to the circulation of her Diary of a Girl Soldier thanks to Lin Yutang who I think translated it? Sorry I don’t know if you covered this in your book
Charles Laughlin
Jason Coe
@staciford “Troubling American Women”! 🤣
Jason Coe
Thanks Clara, Elizabeth, Nicole, Gina, and Georgina for putting on this event!
Jason Coe