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Missing Opportunities: A Review of Gender Diversity on Hong Kong Boards - Shared screen with speaker view
Daya Datwani
Surprising that Malaysia is ahead of Hong Kong being a Muslim country and also knowing they require Malays on board in partnership and businesses. How is that possible?
Alison Lam (she/her)
Is there a route that women commonly take to find their way on boards? For example, do many start on non-profit boards?
yuan feng
May we get your thoughts on why Hong Kong is in a slow pace to promote more women in boards? I am sorry if my question is a part of your presentation, because I am late to join you
Simon Scanlon
I think HK in general isn’t great on a lot of things related to supporting diversity e.g. gender, LGBT, ethnic minorities. Still a very patriarchal society.
Georgina Challen
Do you think the pandemic will have an impact on this issue? Further slow the process?
Gina Marchetti
Thank you so much for this fascinating presentation.
Dr. Anita C.K. Lee
Thank you!
Li Chong
Thank you so much Mohan and Jackie!