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Listening through the Unheard - Shared screen with speaker view
is there supposed to be something shown as a screen share? I just see a grey square
Raj Reyes
Nothing shared yet Blair
Brenda R. Alegre, She / Her
We will now open the floor for questions
Gina Marchetti
What do you think are the biggest challenges facing women still struggling for suffrage and political rights today (in US and Asia specifically)?
Kwai Lan Michelle Wong
Women Suffrage movement is significant for democracy. My concerns go to definitions of democracy in Communist party compared with that claimed in USA.
Elizabeth LaCouture
can I ask a question
Raj Reyes
Louise and Martha may have touched on this subject with being an ally… but how can People of Colour who are also part of the LGBTQI community join in or be aligned with what Women are fighting for voting/equal rights and topple that “Big Man” politics?
Yang Ching HIn
It is problematic when medias reports and spread crazy/ radical idea much quicker, especially right wing extreme ideas. This incentivise politicians to speak extreme points to get the media attention. No matter it is CNN or Facebook, this occur, (look how trump control media cycle). How do you all think that we could change this culture?
Yang Ching HIn
But sometimes systems is rigged, or imbalance, when like in presidential races, California can be ignored, Arkansas could be ignored, and many states are gerrymandered that your vote simply doesn’t change anything, I think there should be changes to the system to incentivise people to vote, where they can see their votes can change the outcome. Such as the party ticket system that allows for smaller parties, abolishment of electoral college.
Gina Marchetti
Thanks, Elizabeth, for your question/comment/criticism. It's so topical right now because of the situation in Afghanistan.
Elizabeth LaCouture
This was in the back of my mind!
Elizabeth LaCouture
Brilliant answer from Louise!
Elizabeth LaCouture
The tensions between history and myth - great point by Professor Jones!
Martha Jones
Thank you everyone. I am on Twitter at @marthasjones_
Kwai Lan Michelle Wong
Many thanks for Brenda, Louise and Walters