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Gender/Diversity/Democracy - The Gendered Pandemic in China: A Feminist Online Ethnographic Study - Shared screen with speaker view
Fengchao Yu
What a wonderful presentation, Chenzi. Thank you! It's very inspiring and information!
Gina Marchetti
Brilliant presentation! Very moving. I have a question about the personal dimension and how that's captured in the media. For example, what role do you think Fang Fang's Wuhan Diary has played domestically and internationally?
Fengchao Yu
I have a follow-up question based on Dr. Meek's question. I wonder how does the consent work for online ethnographic study? I mean do the netizens know that their conversations will be used for research. It's so new to me so I'm just curious. Thank you, Chenzi. I've learnt a lot from your presentation.
Gina Marchetti
I really loved the way you mapped the intersection of feminist activism and the COVID-19 crisis. Could you talk more about the importance of transnational networks to activism? Has the move to more online activities helped or hurt during the COVID crisis?
Fengchao Yu
Thank you, Chenzi, very helpful!
Shoan Yin Cheung
Thank you for this great talk! Your comment about disrupting your bodily time to follow the discourse before censors catch up is very fascinating and I hope you write about it as its own paper! As for my question, I wanted to ask more about the war metaphor. Certainly, in Western countries we saw the rise of xenophobic sentiment against China in the frame of war. I wonder how the war discourse played out in the Chinese context? How did citizens understand the war— was it just about “biological” warfare against the virus? What other meanings were mixed into war? Thank you!
Shoan Yin Cheung
(Also, this reminds me of Emily Martin’s work on the idea of immunity in public health)
Gina Marchetti
I hope you'll publish this research soon. It's deep feminist analysis we all need right now.
Wenmin Liang
I am learning so much from this brilliant presentation. Thanks so much Chenzi and everyone!
Gina Marchetti
Feminist Media Studies
Gina Marchetti
It's a good journal, and I think it's perfect for this research.