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China & the Arctic - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 1/3
Can you speak a little closer to the microphone or make it louder? Sorry! We cannot make our speakers louder. Thanks
Xingyu XU
Hi Prof.Song, Thank you for the nice presentation. I am wondering what is the proportion of glacier-fed lakes in the Tibetan Plateau and how to distinguish glacier-fed lakes from non-glacier-fed lakes from remote sensing images?
Meng Wah 103
Fascinating talk, thanks! Are most of these roads paved or dirt roads? And are there any plans to extend this methodology/study approach to the Arctic? -Mia
Xingyu XU
Thank you!
Meng Wah 103
For those of you just joining, unfortunately, Jason Chan will no longer be able to present today. We will still conclude this session by 3:00 pm and begin the next session at 3:15 pm.
Lin Liu ipad
Dear Prof. Ke: very nice talk and many interesting findings! Could you please please elaborate more regarding how proglacial lakes contribute to thermokarst processes on glaciers? Thanks!
Meng Wah 103
Thanks for a great talk. I'm wondering about the composition of the global cryosphere. Are the debris-covered and lake-covered glaciers you find in Tibet common in the Arctic, too? Or are they more unique to the Third Pole? -Mia
Lin Liu ipad