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Book Launch: World Literature for the Wretched of the Earth - Shared screen with speaker view
Majida El Roumi
I’m thinking of how these theories of reading intersect with questions of translation, taken in a capacious sense – translation across space, different contexts, the creation of useful categories… Some of the authors you work with are contemporaneous with East Asian or Arab thinkers who did a lot of translation, as a way of theorizing their colonized condition etc. How do you see translation in relation to reading? To authorship? To drawing in other potential readers etc.? Does your pivot to Benjamin also engage with his theories of translation?
Grace Ting
Still thinking of a question, but loved the way your conversation ended. It was really beautiful, thank you.
Alastair McClure
Hi I have a question for the panel, happy to ask using my microphone.
YOON Soo Ryon (Moderator)
Once again, please feel free to type in your questions, everyone! If you would also like to speak directly to the author and the discussant, type in to let us know so we can ask you to unmute yourself.
Nicole Huang
I agree with Grace that the way the conversation ends with a double/non-binary juxtaposition is just so beautiful. Thank you.
Shruti Kapila
YOON Soo Ryon (Moderator)
Once again, please feel free to type in your questions! If you would like to speak directly to the panel, please type in as well so we can help you unmute yourself. Thank you!
Philipp Sperner
Hi, I would like to ask a question and would be happy to speak directly
YOON Soo Ryon (Moderator)
Philipp: I will call out your name after this so you can unmute. Thank you!
Alastair McClure
Thank you both again, really enjoyed the conversation and the book!
Chris Moffat
I have to leave a bit early, but thank you to the organisers for hosting such a wonderful conversation. Fantastic to hear Shruti’s reflections on this important book. And congratulations again, Daniel! Daniel mentioned earlier an ‘indebtedness’ to myself and Kama Maclean - for myself would like to issue a correction! This is itself a disavowal of consequence: Daniel was a founding force in those collaborations around revolutionary histories, I am equally indebted to him, and looking forward to reading this book which I know will be so generative. Warm greetings to friends in Hong Kong and Delhi from a rainy London morning.
christine vicera
christine vicera
The code is WORLDLIT20
Grace Ting
Maybe not unrelated to what moderator is saying: I had a longer (not quick) question about how you feel your work resonates with HK right now. I work with queer theories of affect (e.g. Halberstam, Cvetkovich, Muñoz) and definitely feel compelled to teach in a certain way right now that I did not a year or two ago. So I was wondering how you felt about your work & HK and how students have responded to your ideas.
Grace Ting
(Sorry :) No pressure to respond now!)
Esther Yau
I ditto with Grace Ting's thought.
Thank you Daniel for a wonderful presentation and engagement with the community.
Jesús Chairez-Garza
Thank you for such a fruitful conversation, it was great seeing you. I keep thinking about this but not sure if this should be part of this convo. In these times of academic decolonization, how to approach world literature or global intellectual history when (new) canon is being rejected in most places? We have seen, for example, that Gandhi or Nehru cannot be considered subalterns, people seem to have more issues with his statues than with Churchill’s or with Schmitt work, something that both European Intellectual historians and area studies remind us constantly, so on the one hand the ideas of these intellectuals are rejected for their supposed insularity and their lack of universality but also because the histories of these men seem to destroy their ideas even before people engage with them.
Alvin K. Wong
Thanks for the really lively conversation! Congratulations Daniel!
Jesús Chairez-Garza
Thank you all! Congratulations, Daniel
Thanks Cog
Gina Marchetti
Congratulations, Daniel. Many thanks to everyone for the great seminar!
Arina Rotaru
Abolfazl Ahangari
thank you all!
Esther Yau
Thank you for the wonderful conversation. Congratulations, Daniel!